Great news for s2Member WordPress Member Plugin.

Note I will not link to this website until they provide a new update!

Wow it was my first membership plugin used on, it is super nerd developed. I mean it was very good, limited in many areas but what it did, it was done very well. Well I decided I wanted more and moved on, but I still loved the system. I saw it get left behind, their forums full of users wondering WTF. Nobody “official” was helping them, owners of the plugin were now elsewhere ignoring the users.

I could not help it from logging in and seeing what the hell was gonna happen, it was like a drama unfolding. I would never wish for a product or service I create to ever forget any user. It was starting to appear everything was abandoned, but some old faces started emerging right at the end.

Now we hear that the original developers were hired by the creators of WordPress, but someone wanted to step up and take care of it all “Cristián “. WOW amazing right at the last moment. I still think what the previous developers did was downright shitty, “IT REALLY WAS SHITTY AND WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN” just say something to loyal users.

Speaking of loyal users there are a ton, I mean I would login to the forum and tell the users of the many member systems I used and opinions. The main thing I kept hearing was “content protection” s2Member is king of it. In a digital world this is very important and they could capitalize off this so much. It did work good as far as my experience was.

Lets see if the new developer can keep it up and progress. We are rooting for you.

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