2019 is a chill year and improve my web coding.

I always need an active passion, I have so many interests already but will generally obsess with a couple each year. The usual ones are photography, video, website creation, music, calisthenics, bike riding, coding, and just chilling out. Lately I’ve been on a terror creating and then destroying a ton of my own websites, it’s been using a cms like WordPress most recently. I’m actively maintaining almost 20 websites, a few of my own the rest are others.

Lately though my frustrations with WordPress have not been with the cms itself, but the mountain of plugins I’ve bought for various sites. I’ve spent a fortune on these things, some are monthly and yearly subscriptions. I’m lucky that I can make a return on these costs with some e-commerce sites. Back to the issue though is the confines of someone else’s code, no one makes it just like I need it.

So what’s one to do? Do it yourself, so in 2019 with my passion in high gear I’ve already been taking some courses online to upgrade mainly my php/css/JavaScript coding. Right now I’m building a simple casting board with secured login system, I’ll post a link to it in the future. My outlook is to create an activity based casting site that I think will make many happy if I can upgrade my knowledge. One thing about me I’ve learned is once I’m obsessed there is nothing I can’t do.

In case that site idea peaked your interest and if you are wondering what I mean by “activity based” read on. As a photographer who has used many different methods of casting for photo shoots mainly websites I have found a recurring theme on all of them. Not only have I found this certain “bad form of super laziness” by those who use these sites, but it’s on the rise. Basically you have a site that offers a service and grows in user base, problem is these users aren’t active, many not real at all.

These sites like a large number of user accounts to use as a stat for advertisers and other things similiar, problem is the users suffer not only by being targeted by spam ads but by a site filled with inactive members. Or you have members who are abusing the site for other reasons.

So my site idea is based on activity, yes I am aware of automation and bots. You are reading text by a former creator of these things, all for my own protection though. A site where you can’t just ignore messages, to appear on the site you have to actually be active positively, this is the biggest thing. What’s active though? This is the fun part of the project and with that I believe my motivation too.

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