Woah Heinrich said fuck it (ArtofShadows.com)

Grumpy webmaster Heinrich said fuck it and removed the entire new setup on the AoS website. The whole point was to simplify common tasks, add new automation, but in doing so added way to much upkeep. Sad part is now all extra benefits are removed and the website is very vanilla looking right now. Lot of people would do anything to keep more money coming in, apparently money means nothing to the crazed German.

So whats the plan now? MemberPress is back up as the core access setup (the favorite of many), Heinrich is creating his first full child theme that is based off WP default themes currently. Elementor Pro is the page builder of choice for designing. Heinrich has built 3 new plugins of his own, one called “blood hatred” probably an anti theft script, who really knows though. Apparently all plugin subscriptions were stopped, some that the AoS site loved to support. WooCommerce may still have use just for its additional payment systems, nothing is set in stone.

Coming off the most profitable year ending of any in 2018 this is another sign that AoS is ran by a lunatic. This move may also have something to do with ArtofShadows LLC takeover of a huge website that’s been in the works for the last year and will definitely shock an entire community. Lets sit back and see how fast the site respawns and what surprises are hiding.

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