MemberPress Single Page Checkout tip.

MemberPress just released version 1.4.0, in this update a new feature “Single Page Checkout” which is optional but recommended to turn on in MemberPress > Options > Account. This makes the checkout quicker and less chance customers might bail on a typical two step checkout.

Played with this the last couple days and love it, one note is if you have a dark theme the “payment description” will show a white background. A css addition can fix this or you can do like I did and just disable the description and just add the info the the payment label “Credit Card (Stripe)” for instance. Update this was fixed in v1.4.1 guess someone bug reported it 🙂

New option

Now a tip for this new feature, say you make a new public blog post and decide to add some premium content, you can now add this checkout on the blog post or page. An all in one content and purchase page. Here is a method, make a new membership I called mine “MBP 1” in this example. You will be using the membership shortcode like example below.

Scenarios for this example would be page with multiple videos, custom pay per post, a single mixed post with public and premium content. With the partial rule this allows you the flexibility to just create one post for various scenarios. If you are like me you probably offer multiple memberships, you could also make the partial rule work with other memberships too, like the typical category or tag restricted ones.

You will be using this shortcode inside your conditional shortcodes for the rule you make next.

Now you will create a new rule for this membership, select partial rule and select the membership(s) (MBP 1 was mine) the rule will activate for. Then below you can use the show/hide shortcodes in a post.

Now in your blog post or page add your shortcodes, check out my example below.

The show and hide shortcodes for the rule, then inside the hide shortcode we put in the membership registration shortcode so a customer can purchase access.
This example is a logged in user who has bought access to this membership, they see the premium content.
Now in the sample is the view of a customer who has not bought access to the membership for this post. They can now purchase it all from the same page and view it here after too.

This is just a simple example of how to do this with MemberPress and I hope it’s useful for you. Note in the last photo with the extra fields “referrer, favorite content, special offers” these were all added using the built in MemberPress custom field options FYI.

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