Customizing MemberPress pricing group boxes made easier, requires plugin purchase.

MemberPress has a great system that’s for sure, but one of the most hideous selection of pricing box styles. They do allow a few entry boxes for some custom css for button and stuff and that’s it. I’ve found a super simple way to add some style to these. First you should use a style like “Clean” and not the “None/Custom” option in the MemberPress group price box settings (you can’t select stuff to customize if it’s not there). For my example this does require a premium (not too expensive) plugin called CSS Hero.

Now with CSS Hero activated you can visit your page where you have the group price box shortcodes inserted and select pretty much all the parts and buttons. Now there is a bit of a learning curve with CSS Hero, but I was able to learn a bunch in about a couple hours total. Here is the thing about this, anyone can do this easily it just takes a few minutes to play around and figure out a few basics. The second time I played with it I had enhanced the looks quite a bit and the boxes keep their dynamic pricing and buttons link functions.

In case you didn’t know about those dynamic options whenever you change the price or members get a proration the prices change automatically. The button will change to an access link to the content instead of a purchase or sign up function if member already has bought membership and has it active too, love this.

Of course you could always just make your own custom price boxes using Elementor or beaver builder, I decided I wanted to just adjust the CSS myself mainly to keep the dynamic functions I talked about before all still connected.

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