v3.0 is a daily refinement it seems.

It appears the webmaster at (who could that be) is really on top of things. The Lurker army is growing and the site is very successful for what it does, which is still shocking to many it appears. Almost daily the newer setup is enhanced but remains simple, show posts with content, rinse and repeat.

After a very disappointing Lurker No. 1 release the second collection No. 2 is on fire. There definitely seems to be a recipe of putting together a good collection, it’s not as easy as randomly selecting anything. Heinrich surely loves the challenge of any failure, the Lurker collections are one hell of a deal compared to the past per post option. You know it’s something new with each Lurker’s release, some of your favorites and some new stuff.

Video will always remain the biggest challenge it seems, photo parts are always being put out. The best way to get video out is to shoot it as close to finished right from the start that way you can just put clips out minimally edited. Kind of follows the photo workflow of my own back in the day. Used to rely on photoshop because I shot poorly, this made the content take longer to get out.

Shoot it right from the start.

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