is very clean and is impressing many.

The old crazy Heinrich Bluttraumer webmaster of AoS has been incrementally updating one of the cleanest and super functional websites out there. The site has embraced Gutenberg from the start and is now sporting a new theme setup that is top of the line and really optimal for the block system.

With the customization of Elementor and then now the help of CoBlocks Gutenberg blocks there is much more flexibility in post/page setup. The biggest thing is design on mobile device which is superior with Gutenberg on things like iPhone or iPad. This is the future, to design and do all on devices.

Anyway one of my favorite new little functions is the “Night Mode” and when I check out the site I always have it on myself. Not a fan of the bright white in my face, but now you have an option for it. The function is browser specific so if you were to switch it to night mode and then use another browser or device it will show the default white theme.

Lurker No. 3 shows a (Coming soon) message which is pretty quick if it does come out. Rumor is any photo shoot not already exported to the new part system will be done unedited to get them out faster, plus older ones may be done again to get more of the shots in. Back when this system was first started the photos were a lot more selective on being picked. Many of the new shoots have no editing at all, if the lighting is right you don’t need it anyway.

I have a feeling this website might be getting one of those high tech Gutenberg themes very soon. This Movedo theme is nice, but way too bloated and WPBakery is just a disaster of a page builder imo. Plus I want those new blocks, super easy to add very nice thingies to any post. WordPress just needs a better media library system and video thumbnails in core, doh here I go again.

On another note Vimeo once again moderated the bluttraumer account, for a avatar of a model holding up her dress top. Now the avatar was changed but the over sensitive moderator who flagged it should have responded to the email asking “what is wrong with it”. Image below, is this too risky? Keep in mind the entire bluttraumer video account has lingerie and nude model videos with mature ratings set on most.

This image cropped to center was moderated on bluttraumer’s Vimeo account, do you agree?

Vimeo has routinely persecuted bluttraumer, and the pro account auto renewal was already removed for the last moderation. The last moderation was because of advertising of AoS in videos, but a pro account was bought and it’s allowed. After an email a response said it was an error and won’t happen again. Well shit has happened again. I suspect the account to be removed if Vimeo can’t get their act together for a paying customer.

Some might say no way with all those followers, but a person of character does not care about stupid numbers with no true meaning. Plus the conversion rate is weak I’m told.

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