at it again, v3.1…

April 1 2019 is two years of the paid setup, its been changed quite a few times in those two years. Now with v3.1 the crazed German webmaster is keeping it simple, but whats really happening is AoS looks like a pinto car but has a new Tesla setup under the hood. A list of things Ive heard has changed below.

  1. The algorithm of v2.4 that was never seen is in fact in v3.1, sneaky sneaky but it doesn't do much just automates user upgrades for now.
  2. A new dynamic pricing setup has been setup, allows for cumulative discounts for the amount of products in your cart. 3+, 10+, 20+ and you get a higher discount. A neat thing is the user upgrade also has a discount and it stacks on top of these pricing ones.
  3. The photo parts have been supersized 50-175'ish is the new settings, most seem to be at about 100 so far.
  4. The shopping cart system is back with pay per post access, no details on how long the access will last for. Will it be for 30, 45 or more days? Nobody knows. A great way to see the parts or spend less than a huge membership of the past Lurker setups.
  5. Memberships for full shoots, this is entirely new and Id expect it to be pricey. I would guess its being offered due to the high rollers who have bought almost everything offered on the site in the past.
  6. Security system has had massive upgrades, these were bound to happen. Not much is known about the details but some are just basic procedures to protect content and some are being created to prevent attacks that all websites receive daily.
  7. AoS cloud setup, this is new and helps the server send and receive content much quicker for use on the site. A future implementation of the CDN functionality may be used to load content based on users location so it loads quicker.
  8. Video player has some improvements for getting videos out faster.
  9. Tweaks to many old features and displays of thingies.

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