Rad movie flashbacks!

I was a freestyling bmx rider for over 16 years, did flatland and street riding. One of the best in SA according to some friends, but due to being poor growing up I could never get travel or funds to enter events. I rode everyday for 5-6 hours no matter what, falling down on hard pavement was a damn skill. Riding my GT, dyno, mongoose, haro and flowing rolling tricks with no brakes at high speeds was my specialty, suicide on a 20inch bike with headphones on blasting music away on my sony walkman in my hip pack. The Southside SA Mexicans and Austin guys were the best in the area, but I could wreck them on the streets being the odd white boy.

This song was in a time when I was riding awhile as a child doing very stationary tricks, it motivated me. I could blow all of the tricks done in the movie away a few years after I watched it except for the backflip cause I didn’t do large jumps due to a huge crash I had as a child. Unfortunately at that time there was no cameras everywhere, no archiving shit. I have no content of me and it pisses me off. Id practice on any newly paved parking lot and have a crowd daily sometimes with a few friends, after it got late and they all had to go inside to sleep I remained outside riding alone in the shadows.

I live in regret over these times due to this, its a life killer. This song and video of the movie is a life refresher though.

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