Model complained to me…

Asked me out of the blue what I think she needed to do because she was complaining she is not getting money offers or they aren’t good. Well so I asked her if she was shooting nude yet, she has told me no on my offers in the past so I don’t shoot her but we talk. Her response was no she is not doing nudes, so I told her try an agency out and go through that to supplement income. She says the agency route did not work out well in the past for her, which I was surprised cause I didn’t know she had been signed before.

So in true form I just put it bluntly, in this area “Central Texas” most freelancing models who get paid a decent rate do nudes. That is what she is competing with, some do nudes then do other shoots that they prefer in the mix. I told her I shoot nude models frequently but I do all types of shoots too, I will pick a model who does nudes above one who doesn’t. My shooting options are better then and a nude capable model is generally easier to work with. She of course thought I was a dirtbag for my honesty, but it seemed to hit home.

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