Freddy Cruz and The Noble Outlaws – Empty Glass!

I know Freddy, back in the early days at the racetrack he was the controversial racer/announcer/promoter/track owner with a sensational voice on the microphone. Always a great story teller for each racer, but was in charge so it probably ruffled many feathers. I was the lone photographer and video guy doing his known thing as (Ive never given up this site), I did better telling stories in my videos as an outsider it appears. Freddy would announce me as soon as I entered the property, pretty much putting me in the spotlight which I’m not good with. Back in those days early 2000’s I was running many of the biggest car clubs and performance shop websites and could get the clubs out to the track so it did help, mainly military clubs like United Stangs, Lethal Performance, Murillo Motorsports and a bunch more. I don’t give a fuck about any opinion of him and the track shit, he is a cool dood and I loved that he took on his passion of music.

Respect brother from GTRyan, added an old low quality video from back in the day!

Freddy on the mic GTRyan (me) on the cameras!

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