Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Was ultra hard to find video)

This song is the original version, there is a more radio edit version played in the movie “Silence of the lambs” when Buffalo Bill is cross dressing in a famous scene. One of my favorite all time songs for sure, many thought it was a man singing. Q Lazzarus is a cult icon, now nothing written about her is 100% from what I have read over the years she works as a NYC bus driver not much of good validity comes through. You have got to search her very well, I had heard she died myself years ago from a motorcycle accident. After looking her up again upon seeing my own post it appears she is still a shadow in society. RESPECT, but I hope she wasn't used and wronged for this incredible song. I want to cover this myself.

A story written about this shadow singer here, a good cover is embedded below too!

The infamous scene in the movie “Silence of the lambs”
Original rougher version.
Cover by Belle Mare

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