Restrict Content Pro, Membership system now has beta for unlimited memberships

Over the years of using various membership plugins for WordPress I’ve ran into some good some bad. One that I really liked but that was missing one major feature was Restrict Content Pro. The missing feature was unlimited memberships, without this feature once a user has a membership on the site they cannot have another active. This is a problem if you have a site with various memberships for different items. Like say a membership site with monthly subscriptions to web magazines, surely you would want potential customers to be able to have different magazine subscriptions and not just one active.

Recently a beta version 3.1 was released and current users can opt in to try it out, I have it running on a site of mine but it’s not an actively used member site. The new settings finally plug a major feature hole in this plugin, now I definitely think it’s becoming a top membership plugin.

The next thing I believe they should work on is the woocommerce integration , it should have the ability to be able to use the woocommerce checkout system for memberships. Currently you can not do this and would have to use the built in RCP for membership fees then use woocommerce checkout for other non member products. Multiple payment settings, more confusion, etc.

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