update has taken a bunch of my time, during setup I have tried 4 systems and fully had the site running all. The current v.04 alpha is the first live build, meaning its the actual site. Still focused on simplicity, a few issues have arisen with the geo location system on the castings board so I have scraped it for now. This feature just added proximity, auto location, location suggestions etc. but was not showing results properly. A list of current planned functions, some things may change still, or the whole thing who knows.

  1. Registration is free, all accounts must have some required photos and info to get approved.
  2. User Profile with typical talent info meta/settings, privacy settings, notifications, verified users, various account/talent types with secondary. Note site has a live notification system as well.
  3. Private message/site announcement (Admin only) system with preset inbox size that you can keep clean to always keep messages coming in, friend system is activated too.
  4. Talent search, simple search using all the user meta down to specifics. May have multiple search pages.
  5. Casting/Job board, search locations, type, tags, types, and more. If we can get the geo location to work properly later then proximity and auto search. Having a member account gives you a specified number of casting you can post each month.
  6. Casting Tag system shows around the site in a tag cloud that is customized as sort of an visual alert system always in view and can quickly show a list of all jobs available for that tag and most used ones.
  7. Casting applications can be done on the site using built in form automatically or send a resume/card.
  8. Casting alerts with notification settings, very simple and extremely useful using your own keywords/locations/tags.
  9. Casting cards/resume, this is new and in setup. A quick way to send your talent abilities site wide and stop typing so much all the time.
  10. Casting dashboard, can see your castings, applications, messages, photos, set status like “rejected”, delete, and more. Full management of your castings.
  11. Casting system is still being customized with custom user settings, conditional settings for various things for posting, applying, and more.
  12. Simple live chat board, very simple with word filter just added for fun.
  13. Premium account, if you plan to use this site to cast often you may pay for this account that grants more casting/resume credits. Totally optional and inexpensive, the casting board is probably the best feature on this site.
  14. Future, simple forum if wanted, more custom settings, casting public/private user settings, enhanced photo portfolio (right now profiles have just a few required photo slots showing on main profile and that's it), more.

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