Working on next stage of my web development passion.

I have a ton of hobbies, photography, music, WordPress, video, podcasts, calisthenics, women, writing, blogging, dreaming, scripting, coding. Every so often I’ll get to a level where things just get boring, lately it’s been my photography and Video. I’m real bored of it, so much that I have not been doing shoots the past couple of months then editing content is painful. This just happens, many times over the years so I’ll just take a break and come back to it.

Then there is the fire growing in another passion, right now is this nonstop WordPress and small html/css/php code learning I’ve been doing. I have a history in coding/scripting and to be honest it’s one of the best things because you can build something exactly as you want it from scratch. To have it work in stages aka versions is so exciting. I think this fire is drowning out my mother passions so the past few months I’ve been lightly studying new stuff mainly from books and a few apps.

Th either day ago I was working on trying to create a new function on one of my sites, I had everything working except for the return value which is the core of the function. I just could not figure it out and this really bothered me, it was a customization to a third parties code base. So after this fiasco I knew what had to be done, take some real courses that require an actual schedule. I learn best by doing so I’m trying this method using an online school, I get lazy so we will see. Too many distractions.

My goal is to soon be able to create my own advanced WordPress plugins, own CMS system after that. I can already make simple plugins, but anything very complicated and I’m slow like a turtle. I once wrote code to stream videos and cut them out of large file over 15 years ago so I have what it takes, just needs new updates. My needs are just too custom for even the very large world of WordPress extendability.

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