broke all records this month, still does 0 advertising.

AoS earnings, 2017 x1 hundreds, 2018 x2 thousands, 2019 x4 its getting serious. Basically the site jumped past doubling its past earnings and has quadrupled.

How Heinrich Bluttraumer with such a low social media following is pulling in new records on his site is bewildering. Since its start the shadows site has been low key and just a spot in a secluded part of the web, a few links here and there. The arrogant German boasts that members may need a “hotline for addiction to AoS” soon. Models are angry at the mad webmaster/photographer for not giving them shoots and leaving many in the past, “Only models who love the art of shadows and prove it will get paid shoots from hence forth”. New muses should take note of Heinrich’s newest statement “you will need to be worth your rate, skin flashers aka no talent whores who get paid to get naked for lowlifes get nothing but the boot from the ShadowsFuhrer”!

DAMN, now we know why Heinrich is the most hated.

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