The Cure – It can never be the same, unreleased dark song new album coming 2019 maybe?

I’ve been listening to The Cure since I was a tiny boy, a huge fan of their early work. Remember the first time I heard Charlotte Sometimes intro and I was hooked. Anyway a new darker “last” album is supposed to be coming out, I can not wait for this. Check out this video of “It can never be the same” they have made awhile back and it’s been unreleased so far, sounds amazing omg.

From the comments about this song it was made in dedication to Robert Smith’s mother who passed away inspiring it’s creation. Makes you really feel it a bit more with that info.

I can never get enough of Simon Gallup on bass guitar just deepening their music. Dream song would be of both Simon Gallup and Peter Hook (Joy Division) playing something dark together, I would personally faint most likely listening to it’s pure ecstasy.

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