top secret info of upcoming v3.3 changes.

Heinrich Bluttraumer changed the format to fully private April 2019, and the site did well. Well everything improved monthly except one thing, unique visitors. This was expected by the crazed German but month after month of beating records the inner competitor started to rethink the total privacy setting. Before this AOS always had filters for content, actually the filters may be one of its best features allowing only certain users to even know about what content was on the site. Even now in its still current form most users can’t see some of the sites content.

Of course this does one bad thing, not allow brand new visitors to even know what the site has on it. Add in the fact the Bluttraumer hates all forms of social media so not many know of “the shadow’s” work and site. Check out this list of new changes my evil twin is expected to do, some already slowly converting.

  1. Most content in the “Shop” will now show to the public, they can purchase too. At first it was just gonna be a handful of products, but that idea has been changed.
  2. Search engine optimization, bluttraumer is a shadowy person but has mad internet skills to get the attention of new visitors. With new optimizations to AOS anytime a model is searched the top results will be coming to This has been a complaint in the past from models, a good stage name is always recommended.
  3. AOS Membership is now going to have content built in and unlocks many of the sites (M) members only pages and have points perks. The base of the site is built around the huge Pay Per Post content, with the new additional content members will be able to view special made pages with smaller galleries from many shoot parts. This is going to make all visitors happy surely, wow maybe bluttraumer isn’t so bad after all?

These are the main changes, I think these are very good for all. On AOS as a member there is a Blog (M) only active memberships can read, lots of details are shown about shoots or site info but get deleted quick. Most members read these.

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