Website server upgrade.

Recently I got rid of my dedicated server, I wasn’t happy with the performance for price paid and it was a very old spec. I put some of the other sites on a cloud instance and the performance was night and day better than anything I’ve used, even for plugin heavy WordPress installs it seems like a fresh install. and both got moved to these cloud based servers. Heinrich’s is on a similar setup but has a bit more resources. These are the main sites in the AOS Network and what I’m focusing on, as soon as ARTofSHADOWS is fully back up AOSmodel will be finalized, it’s still a very iffy site but I have small investment in it so it should see the light of day. Any other sites I had were just for tests and personal stuff, these were all removed and will redirect to places I want.

I have been making some blog sites on the free platforms mainly for exposure too. is my personal passion site for calisthenics and when I’m all in I write a bunch for it, I’ll be updating the url to the blogger site soon.

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